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Ok, Lebron, I’ll Shut Up Now




NBA Finals Recap

So, first things first, I just can’t fucking win. I pick the Heat to win the title at the beginning of the year, then when they get to the finals, I go against them, and naturally, I end up looking like an idiot. Fuck me.

Okay, now that that ugly situation is over, let’s talk about the actual series. After an encouraging win by the upstart Thunder in Game 1, the Heat swept the next four, gradually looking more and more powerful as the series went on. Game 2 was a close one, where the Heat benefited heavily from a dubious no-call on Lebron James that might have sent the game into overtime. As the series went on, the games were still close, but the Heat were beginning to look more and more like the better team, and in game 5, they just straight-up obliterated the Thunder.

The most notable performance in this series was that of James, who has finally convinced me, and I’m guessing many more of his harshest critics, to shut the fuck up. Look, I had as much fun ragging on this guy as anyone else did, but he was just brilliant. Lebron was always capable of using his ridiculous athletic gifts to his advantage, but this time, he finally was able to dominate in a high-pressure situation. His numbers in the last two games speak for themselves: 26 points, 9 rebounds, and 12 assists in game 4, and 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists in game 5. To put it quite simply, you don’t fuck with that shit.

Will Lebron still be one of the NBA’s biggest villains? Absolutely. Now, it’s worth noting that Lebron has never done anything truly irredeemable. His biggest crimes were believing his own hype a little too blatantly, and breaking Cleveland’s heart in brutal fashion. I can see why people want to hate him, because of that (and I’ve certainly lobbed some insults at him before), but considering the crimes that many other athletes commit, is it really fair to view him as such an ogre?

Of course, the biggest criticisms of Lebron – that he’s a choker and doesn’t have a ring – are no longer applicable. Now, with Lebron still just 27 years old, we find ourselves wondering just how many championships he is capable of winning. Can he win five more and tie Michael Jordan? Can he go even further than that? It’ll certainly be interesting to see how things play out with the NBA’s most polarizing player over the next decade.

In the meantime, Heat haters will just have to deal with them being the defending champions for the next year. To them, I’ll just say that it could have been worse; the Lakers could have won it. Think about that for a second. Kobe tying Jordan for rings, and every ESPN blowhard pontificating endlessly about why he’s better than MJ, while every other ESPN blowhard pontificates about how he’s not as good as MJ. Yeesh, we dodged a bullet there. Granted, we might be six or seven years from having to do that with Lebron, but that’s a bridge we can cross when we get there. For now, let’s just admit through gritted teeth Lebron is pretty damn amazing, and hope somebody knocks the Heat off their throne next year. I’m pulling for the Grizzlies.

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  • Adam Curry

    Kobe is better than Jordan, and not nearly as big a dick.

    • atlguy123

      Kobe is better than Jordan? Maybe at baseball. Not as big of a dick? Do you even watch tv to see what goes on? Let’s focus on the main topic, though…that LeBron is great athletically, but still a giant douche.

      • Adam Curry

        I don’t recall Kobe being suspended for a year for gambling (retirement my ass…), or getting his father murdered thanks to his gambling. And Kobe is a much better player, if Kobe played in Jordan’s era he’d have as many titles as Bill Russel. Had they played each other 1-on-1 at their peaks Jordan would have been curb-stomped. But yeah, LeBron is indeed a giant douche, and probably qualifies as a turd sandwich too.

        • Scooby

          Except that in Jordan’s era they played defense…and boxed out. Kobe would have been digging joe Dumas shoe ou o his ass… Right after he got Bill Laimbeers out.

          Kobe will never get another title because well he doesn’t pass o make his teammates better and it seems as though no one wants to be on team Kobe, right shaq? Right Phil?

          The fact that you say Jordan would get curb stomped just shows how little you know about… Well anything.

          And please cite sources for your lame ass accusations

  • Scooby

    No bosh no title. No wade no title. Lebron won’t get another as wade is on the down swing and they have nothing outside those 3. Also good to note that the heat got every single call over the course of the series. Remember all those charges… Excuse me blocks that were called in the fourth when Lebron had the ball?

    That game was giftwrapped to the heat.

  • Scooby

    Game 3 that is. I stopped watching after that.

  • Hsk

    Oh… And here’s the kicker if the US doesn’t get the gold…. Which is a very real possibility then everyone will go back to the Lebron bashing. Espn declared it his team… They are squeaking out wins…

    Tick tick Lebron I hope you’re enjoying the the glow…

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