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Koch’d up Wisconsin think tank attempts to rewrite history in real time

Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the day the Wisconsin Senate Republicans killed, for the time being, the collective bargaining rights of most public union employees in the state. I was there. I even slept in the Capitol overnight. It was chaotic, immoral, and illegal, too. The 19 Republicans removed the collective bargaining bit from Governer [sic] Scott Walker’s budget “repair” bill, and rushed it through without fair notice, in violation of the open meetings law. It was separated from the bill because budgetary measures require a 20-senator quorum to pass — which is why the then 14 Democratic Senators in exile were able to hold up its passage. Non-budget bills only need a 14-senator quorum. So there’s your Badger history/civics lesson.

Fast-forward a year (and a day), and an estimated 45,000 righteous Wisconsinites (splitting the difference between the Department of Administration’s and the protest organizers’ tallies) descended on the Capitol for the “Reclaim Wisconsin” rally. Check out this picture I saw on Facebook (courtesy of Madison activist Jenna Pope, aka Batman):

March 10, 2012 — about 2:30 pm

Now check out this purported Livestream still posted on the right-wing, Koch-backed MacIver Institute’s Facebook page:

Cool story, bros

Wow. The Koch brothers’ father may have made his fortune refining oil for Stalin, but who’d have thought they’d steal a page from his photo album? There are 45,000 witnesses to call bullshit on this, but they don’t care. The gall is astounding. I shudder to think that some people may actually think this photo is legitimate. But, having some experience with the right-wing echo-chamber, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Horrified, but not surprised.

MacIver Institute Board Chair Fred Luber, seen here, being a complete asshole

UPDATE: Here’s a compilation of 4 pics posted by Pope, all taken within a 10 minute period of the original above (which is in the bottom right quadrant):

UPDATE II: For the sake of thoroughness, Pope’s pics were taken at the corner of North Carrol & West Mifflin, and, as labeled, the MacIver shot was taken at North Hamilton & East Mifflin:

So to be fair to the MacIver Insitute, for some goddamn reason, they were shooting a different area. And to be totally fair to the MacIver Institute, they were shooting away from the action on purpose, because they’re corporate propagandists. Perception management: that’s their job.

But to be completely super-fair to the propagandist MacIver Institute, I went to check out their propagandist Livestream account. Their only recorded video starts at, and is titled, “Sat Mar 10 2012 02:36:52 PM”. Here’s a shot of the very beginning:

So there you go. The propagandist MacIver Institute would have you believe there was no one there just 13 minutes earlier. But, I guess, we’ll never know because their video doesn’t show 2:23 pm. We can know, however, from scanning through their 1 hour, 41 minute video (as I did), that at no time is the street as bare as it is in the shot they posted to Facebook.

What a bunch of scumbags.

UPDATE III: Now I want some pints & sausages from The Old Fashioned. It’s right there…in Google Maps street view. Sad emoticon.

Check out more pictures of the rally at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


  • Anteprepro

    So, through use of Google Earth, the filthy librul’s pictures are from the intersection East Main, King, and S. Pickney. It’s only about a fifth of a mile down the street from the konservative kamera. Given the angle of the konservative kamera, it’s possible that the bulk of the protesters were just down the road, just out of view of camera. Oh, and you’ll also note the trail of protesters straight down the road in the librul foto? Well, that road is West Main St. The road that the conservative photo is looking down? N. Pinckney St. Which is the road on the right in the librul photo. You know, the one that isn’t shown to be completely filled with people. So even if the konservative kamera had a higher angle, enough to see the protesters at the end of the street, it wouldn’t even have that problem if it was looking down the right fucking street; the one the protesters fucking flooded. But I give kochheads too much credit to assume that the photo wasn’t just taken on a completely different day and it’s just lies all the way down.

  • Jim Doerflinger

    I got there at 11the o’clock. People were starting to converge and march around the Capitol. Between noon and 1march the crowd swelled to around 10,000. Once the rally started around 1pm, the circular marching around the building had stopped and everyone had gathered on the opposite corner from this shot. By 2:30, the crowd had reduced to about 6,000 and were disipating rapidly. It was down to a thousand by 3 and over shortly after that. I believe the picture to be accurate, however irrelevant as the event was two blocks away. It was a union rally with speakers and not a protest “march”.

  • admin

    @Anteprepro: You’re usually so good, dawg. So good, in fact, that I temporarily deleted the above map because I thought I messed up for a minute there. But you’re off on this one.

    @Jim Doerflinger: Cool name. You were there, man, but 10,000 sounds low. Department of Administration said 25 – 30 K. My Facebook friends who were there called it 65 K. I split the difference for the piece. And cool name.

  • Bill Dunn

    Jim D.’s account is flawed. Our feeder march arrived about 1:15 from the W. Wilson rally. I marched around the Square twice and then stood on a stone pillar for the next hour by Forward. The marching around the Square continued all that time and the street was packed. For him to say the crowd was down to 6,000 by 2:30 is ludicrous. And anyway, how did he come up with that number?
    I was there Nov. 19 when the official estimate was 40,000. Today was appreciably larger than that.

  • Anteprepro

    Welp, guess I’ve got to learn to Google Earf it up a bit better. I blame the fucking decorative piles of mulch that I thought was unique to the part of the square I had stumbled upon, but is apparently. The hideous things surround the capitol building, for some reason.

    Anyway, this makes the Konservative KKamera’s position even worse than I previously thought, . Which doesn’t matter, because it’s probably the case that they are just straight up lying here, given everything else you’ve shown. Good work, Ian. The MacIvers folks should be ashamed of themselves. If only conservatives were capable of shame.

  • admin

    @Anteprepro: Your comment on the Allred piece was priceless, so no worries. The only reason I could figure it out is because I’ve been there a bunch — and because of that large brick building in the background of Pope’s pic.

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