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Pol Dancing in Wisconsin




Scott Fitzgerald Gives a Stripper a Ride?

UPDATE 9:35 pm: PROBABLY MAYBE MIGHT BE NOT! More info below original post.

Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican Senator who’s represented the 13th district since ’94, is facing a tough recall election tomorrow against Democratic opponent Lori Compas. So it’s too bad for him that a confidential source just emailed me some highly interesting photos.

Just another “family values” Republican driving around with a woman who isn’t his wife. No big deal. It’s not a crime! Who is she? Nobody knew.

The second pic is of a stripper who works at Silk Exotic Gentleman’s Club in Madison:

The third pic is of the same stripper, hard at work:

In case you can’t tell where this is going, this is a composite I made:

Is that the same woman? Granted, I don’t have DNA evidence, and all white ladies look alike to me, but damn, it really does look like Scott Fitzgerald is giving that stripper a ride. But that’s not a crime! Her car probably broke down. Yeah, that’s it. He was just being a gentleman and driving her to visit her elderly grandmother. Yeah. That.

Calls placed to Silk Exotic Gentleman’s Club to ascertain the stripper’s identity were not answered as of this report. I’m going to have to go down there and do some very thorough research. Yeah, that’s it. Research. Until that time, however, you’re going to have to judge for yourself.

Updated info: A crack team of Super Serious Wisconsin Reporters have discovered that the woman pictured in Scott Fitzgerald’s passenger seat is a GOP operative named Judi Rhodes. I was sold the idea that Judi Rhodes, the stripper, and the woman in the car were one in the same. I initially discounted this because this is the only picture I could find of Rhodes:

And that tattoo-less lady just didn’t look like the car-lady or the stripper to me. But the stripper did look like the car-lady. Now that I’ve received photos of Rhodes from the crack team of Super Serious Wisconsin Reporters…

… I have to say that she now looks definitively like the cake-lady and the car woman. I told you all blonde ladies look alike to me. And, you know, after combing through hundreds of boobie pics, I probably wasn’t thinking straight.

Mistakes were made, fog of war, etc. It’s an open secret in Madison that Fitzgerald has a little something-something on the side. Is it Rhodes? No one can say. But we’re not in the business of rumors and hearsay! That’s despicable.

Next time on The BEAST: Why is Scott Fitzgerald driving around with Gretchen Carlson and/or Ann Coulter?! And why can’t Murphy tell blonde ladies apart? And is it possible Rhodes is a stripper by night — who wears fake tattoos? PROBABLY MAYBE MIGHT BE POSSIBLE!

Stay tuned…

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  • http://www.bloggingblue.com Zach W

    I hope your “research” goes well. I’ll be available by phone if you need bail money.

  • John Foust

    Lousy info, Beast. Judith was working for Fitz in 2003 if not earlier. Those dancer pics would need to be rather old. The dancer has tats. There’s another pic on Silk that shows them better – they were in the pic next to the one you posted, so I suspect you saw it. Neither personal pic of Judith that you posted shows the tats. So who gave you the lousy info to connect Judith to the dancer?

  • admin

    What part of “confidential source” don’t you understand? And if you read the piece, you’ll see that I never thought Judith was the stripper — because of the tattoos, mostly. In fact, I didn’t think the one pic of her I had looked like the car-lady either. Ran it as a tongue-in-cheek question, rather than straight news, because I thought it was funny. About an hour after posting, I came into possession of several Judith pics that confirmed she was the car-lady, and therefore, the car-lady was not the stripper. Done.

  • John Foust

    You had me at “In case you can’t tell where this is going, this is a composite I made.”

  • Antonio Cullen

    First-class info indeed. My girlfriend has been searching for this content.

  • Devil Child

    Wow, with buttfuckers like you on the left, I look forward to the decaying roads, collapsing buildings, and live ammunition Civil War reenactment we’re inevitably headed towards.

    Now go throw another dildo at a police officer and die before you drive more people to the right, you fuck.

  • admin

    Dear Devil Child,
    You say “buttfucker” like it’s a bad thing. I’m confused. Should I die, or “drive more people to the right”? You seem to want both, but that’s not logically consist — I’m kidding, I know you’re not capable of coherent thought. I’d like to brutally murder you, too, goda587@gmail.com /!

    It’s a date,

  • Cate

    Oh, I wish it were true; Fitz is a first class creep…

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