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Check to Porsches on the Autobahn. Allegedly hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany – though their earliest artifacts appear around 2005 in NYC and Boston – Porsches weave a total aesthetic in which their German synthpop/hip-hop hybrid music only serves as a backdrop to an entire spectacle of Eurotrash style and American consumerist ego-centrism.

pota4A typical song starts off with a fat synth arpeggio or drum sequence before lead vocalist Otto Jayayyemmri starts hammering away in mangled, mangled English about beer, hot “grils” (girls), and “arnl” (a subversion of the concept of peer pressure). Their videos are packed with anything and everything gratifying to the American psyche: karate, stunts, explosions, and more grils.

When your formula mixes synth-hip-hop, hot girls, karate moves, beer, and a fixation on explosions, it’s pretty damn hard to go wrong. For those with a sense of humor about music and culture, the new album, So Cool!! is available on iTunes. A straight listen-through of their music might not do the group total justice, though, and I wholeheartedly recommend checking to the video section on their website.

I put a few (e-mail) questions to Porsches’ mastermind, DJ/Synthesizer Volker Dassler, and now I put them to you with as little grammatical attenuation as possible.

The Porsches on the Autobahn official website seems to be only slightly more frequently updated than The Beast’s, and it is difficult to track what you are up to. There is mention of new music videos and touring in the near future. What projects are you guys actually working on right now?

I know this is not cool!!! But now I am so busy to make more remixes and music but there is a big new website we will have soon. I have a dream to make a website of many hours of music videos, so cool videos, karaoke videos, and music also! This new website will be famous on the internet, like YouTube, and you can watch maybe five hours of Porsches on the Autobahn here! So it will be there soon and is exciting.

So now, we just shoot a video for “Grils are Made for a Perfect Sex” three weeks before and they edit it now. It is so cool. There are hot dancer grils, synthesizers, dancing, explosions, and it is very good. This will be the first video to make this new album officially in the world! Then we plan to make one video for every song that we did also for the first album, DVD #1. Do you have this album?? Also, we will tour but after more videos and to promote SO COOL!! on the internet.

Oh, I also build a synthesizer of a pink bra that is real instrument for a women to wear on her tit. It is called MIDI Bustenhalter and for the new website, I will have a video of demonstration.

“Girls Are Made For A Perfect Sex” music video by Porsches on the Autobahn from Volker Dassler on Vimeo.

Many English-speaking acts are known for spending their formative years in Europe to increase their fan base and generate international hype. The Beatles famously went to Germany for a while to make England and America jealous. Is this five-year stint in the U.S. simply an attempt to make Germany jealous and beg for Porsches to come home?

We come to America because we love hip hop music and it is not so good at home! Americans are funny but I think for both places to be my home now. There are more people to have love in their hearts for music in America. But I like food more in Germany. Many people here think they are more cool and act like they are more cool then they maybe are but this is ok and they like more fashion for Germany now! I also see more grils naked on tour here!

You have worked with a very diverse set of bands: touring with Dresden Dolls and Broken Social Scene, remixing tracks for artists such as Team Illuminati and Snowleopards, and even recording a B-52′s cover with Jack Black. Who are some of your favorite musicians to collaborate with or even just listen to these days?

YEAH!!! We are lucky for all of this and I hope to have many more – music is like a MIDI cable from the brain, to your body, to other people body and it is best to connect it everywhere. I listen forever to Fantastischen Vier!! They are the band as a boy who make me want to make music for the world, for my life. You know that I like this guy Soulja Boy now!! He has beats that are hard and he sings with very full arnl. I hope maybe one day to make music for a pop star, maybe Madonna, and also to make remixes for everybody. Porsches on the Autobahn make the best remixes and I love to make new music, explosion to the world!!!

The new album, “So Cool!” reveals a more dynamic and mature Porsches on the Autobahn. It even concludes with “Hey Karen,” a powerful ballad about love and betrayal (Otto sings about falling for a woman who ultimately stabs him in the back by getting pregnant). Did you intentionally set out to show the more sensitive side of Porsches, or did this naturally emerge as part of the creative process?

Yeah, thank you, guy!!! This song, “Hey Karen,” is to show sadness of Otto for this gril Karen but also for the most large song we ever make! We have an orchestra of this song! I think it is forever right to make new songs and new parties and new places for the mind to dance to and “Hey Karen” is it!!!

The song “Asses Around the World” begins with a funky, clapping syncopation. The album liner notes credit several presumably beautiful women as having played the “Ass Drums.” Can you explain this instrument, ie. do Porsches play the ass drums or do the girls play to their own asses?

Do you know these are asses??? The grils do not play the instruments but they ARE the instruments!!!! They are friends we know of life and also from tour and this day of the studio was a day of magic. When we make a music video for this song, it will make the world spin faster. There will be many video screens, dancers and of course we play drums on the asses of grils – above synthesizers, it is the best instrument of the world and every gril has this, and it is a most special sound.

Complete the syllogism. Porsches : World :: Explosions :


  • Ronnie Dobbs

    Ass drums on every girl? My wife’s ass drum is all lumpy, what should I do?

  • Kate

    tighten the snare

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