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Pro-lifers are murdering hypocrites




And not just because they kill abortion doctors

I like Herman Cain’s confusing position on abortion, and the recent Republican candidates’ focus on the issue, because it’s a good excuse to bash pro-life hypocrites. And, yes, if you’re pro-life, you’re a hypocrite. Sorry; that’s the truth.

“What Herman Cain said!”

Pro-lifers are hypocrites because, contrary to popular thought, criminalizing abortion and actually lowering the abortion rate are not the same thing. According to a global study by the World Health Organization and the Guttmaker Institute, the legal status of abortion has no effect on a country’s abortion rate. The same study found that where abortion is illegal it is an extremely dangerous procedure, which results in the worldwide death of roughly 70,000 women each year. So if you’re pro-life, in the traditional sense, you’re endorsing the senseless death of women, for a policy change that will not lower the abortion rate.

The only things that reduce a nation’s abortion rate are an increase in its overall living standard and a strong commitment to reproductive/contraceptive education. For instance, Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, abortion is illegal, and its sex education focuses on abstinence alone. At 54 per 1,000 women of reproductive age, that country subsequently has one of the highest abortion rates in the world. The Netherlands, by contrast, has a much higher living standard, abortion is legal, and the rate is a scant 6 per 1,000 women. The United States’ living standard is generally on par with the Netherlands, and yet the abortion rate is 21 per 1,000—double that of Western Europe.

Why? Well, according to the National Institute of Health, the low Dutch rate can be attributed to their firm commitment to family planning services, and sexual/contraceptive education. Like so many other issues in this country, we’ve been given a false choice. Abortion’s been framed as “pro-choice” vs. “pro-life,” legal vs. illegal, moral vs. immoral, Republican vs. Democrat.

It’s a very emotionally charged debate based on false assumptions. Regardless of your moral convictions on abortion, I think everyone can agree that as a society we want fewer of them. No one likes abortion. But the thing is, that will only happen with smart policies. It will not happen out of moral outrage. It will not happen out of anger and other extreme emotions. It will not happen by threatening women with prison.

For the record, I copied most of this post from my answer to a social issues questionnaire I answered when I ran for Congress. Being the most unabashed pro-choice, pro-education candidate, I was able to brag that I was the only true “pro-life” candidate in the race. And lo did I get angry emails. I had a back-and-forth with a few different people who liked my positions, generally, but who said they could not support me if I was pro-choice. I put forth the same argument that I made above, but it just didn’t matter. I don’t understand pro-lifers.

Pro-lifers like to think they’re standing on the moral high-ground in this debate. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re hypocrites, up to their eyes in the blood of women and the fetuses they supposedly want to protect — or they would be, if they ever got their way.



  • darcy

    My new fave is the “let women die” bill, aka HR 358. Because it completely makes sense to refuse to end a pregnancy if the woman’s life is at stake, since it is a well known fact that dead women carry fetuses better than living women.

  • admin

    Your uterus precludes you from debate about your uterus. Don’t worry your pretty, little head about it. We men-folk will carry the burden of deciding whether you live or die. You’re welcome. Tell us when dinner is ready. We want fetus burgers. Chop-chop!

  • http://youtu.be/YBkBuy679XA Joe Dixon

    What people forget is that anti-abortion types don’t just want to control women’s bodies (which is bad enough) but they want to control all sex. Scratch a ‘pro-lifer’ and a anti-contraception activist will emerge. They also have a hang up about The Gays. These people have a fucked up sexuality and they won’t be happy until the whole world is smothered in their sickness.

  • pujeemuhs

    @DarthFurious – They also have WAY too much influence in politics and legislation. You can’t even get elected to federal office without professing to be a Christian and assuring everyone you won’t let the ladyfolk run amok and have “abortion on demand” (women making their own medical decisions? perish the thought!). Obama even did it.

  • Anthony

    Pro-lifers are deluded enough to believe that an abortion free world is actually possible.

  • Anthony

    Actually, I guess it would be possible in a hyper-police state like North Korea -or a pure theocracy.

  • Bonnie

    The anti abortion crowd tends to be pro birth not pro life. Save the fetus and who cares what happens as long as a birth happens. The women don’t need affordable prenatal care, as long as there’s a birth. doesn’t matter if the child has a birth defect from poor prenatal care, because we won’t pay for any services. They also don’t care about the children starving to death. I am on a phone and I hope what I put made sense. Pro birth people aren’t pro life. Some pro bith are pro life but I haven’t met any that are younger than my grandparents.

  • Bonnie

    By the way who said you men folk are allowed to talk about my uterus. Founding father’s had no desire to discuss abortion because they knew a women’s reproductive system wasn’t their business unless it was theirs. But conservative idiots forget that when they call the spirits of 76.

  • matt

    plus pretty much the only way to be consistent is to adopt pacifism, something anathema to most pro-lifers.

  • Anthony

    Maybe we should shoot for a hyper-police state combined with a tyrannical theocracy. North Saudi Amerea?

  • Biff Squatthrust

    This is a good hot-button issue to get lots of people pissed off and sidetracked.

  • Biff Squatthrust

    “Gooood, good (rubbing hands together)..This is a good hot-button issue to get lots of people pissed off and sidetracked.”

  • Biff Squatthrust


  • bobbyb

    who are those 2 guys in the pic after the article????

  • bobbyb

    evangelical xians want women to have unwanted children cuz they see it as their punishment for having sex. just as they see HIV as punishment for having sex. they think death is the proper punishment for sex.
    very very sick and twisted ppl.

  • Anteprepro

    Fake chris: “This Jesus in schools and gay marriage are the bullshit arguments people start when they don’t want to address more pressing issues like the economy and the electoral system, which are what need to be dealt with.”

    Uh huh. Getting people to follow/understand separation of church and state is stupid; let’s talk about tax cuts. Determining the answer to questions literally dividing the nation, and that might have empirical answers. is unimportant compared to how to deal with the fact that we slightly defunct electoral process. Attempting to get people to get past religious excuses and knee-jerk bigotry in order to provide equal treatment, regardless of sexual preference, simply pales in comparison to determining tax brackets.

    Here’s the take-away message for you: These big financial and regulatory issues are not inherently more important than these social issues. Just like you think that bringing up these issues, with their vast legal implications, are some sort of distraction to avoid talking about The Economy, I feel that focusing exclusively on economics, etc. and sweeping the social issues under the rug is doing the same thing to issues that are just as important. Luckily, since most people, in regards to politics, will talk about the big economic issues as well as the free speech, establishment clause, right to life/bodily autonomy, and equality issues, your complaint rings hollow. On the electoral college issue, though: if you feel strongly about it, point out a problem, come up with a plan and get your grassroots advocacy on. Because it is more or less a non-issue (or at least one that cannot be solved) to most people right now. Find a way that you can fix it and make third parties viable, spread the word, raise the rabble, and maybe you might be the charismatic genius to finally get the issue on the table, and get politicians to nobly waffle about it and scramble to come up with party positions on the subject. I know you can do it!

  • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

    He’s almost as mad as how he gets when we make fun of his mentally challenged boyfriend Jesus.

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