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Rage Face(book)




BEAST banned by fascist social network

[UPDATE: We're allowed to post BEAST links on Facebook again because you, dear readers, complained so very much. Thank you!]

You can share some pretty great things on Facebook–family photos, your moods and activities, your affinity for eating shit in a sexual context, and your Holocaust denial. You can even share awesome websites with your closest Aryan brothers just by pasting the url into your status update! We live in a truly open virtual society where all points of view, no matter how dumb or morally repugnant, are freely expressed. Heil Facebook!



Unless you try to share a BEAST link. If you do, you get this:


When you should get something like this:


But, sadly, we don’t live in that virtual world. Our is one where any puritanical cadre can ban content at their capricious whim, without question, leaving the “abusive” party with no recourse because the faceless cowards at Facebook capitulate to any and all calls for censorship as a matter of policy. (I guess. There’s really no way to get a hold of these people. And there’s no protocol to redress our specific grievance.)

Unless you deny the Holocaust. That’s fine. As of this writing, “pleas” made by Holocaust survivors are falling on Facebook’s deaf ears. And, really, that is fine. That’s how it should work. Instead of going down the very slippery slope of having a social networking site–or worse, its users–make decisions about what is and what isn’t fit for public consumption, Facebook and other sites should maintain a strict free speech policy, and consumers can decide what they do and do not want to consume.

(Add The BEAST to your Google+ circles!)

The most baffling, infuriating thing about The BEAST Facebook ban is that there is a simple solution to protect one’s self from our “abusive” content: DON’T FUCKING LIKE IT AND IT WON’T SHOW UP IN YOUR NEWS FEED! Sorry for yelling, but fucking hell! There’s a built in censorship mechanism for each goddamn user.

So, in summation:

  • Mike

    Fuck Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the
    social networking sites. I’ve been able to resist FB for years now despite my friends and wife calling me a Luddite over this. I waster far too much time online as it is, so any new distractions are not in my best interest.

  • Eric

    I don’t know how sites get on that list. It happened to me too, but after letting them know about three times, my site got off the list. Just be persistent in asking.

  • admin

    I, personally, have asked 35 times now. And I know a bunch of BEAST readers have been asking, too, so…

  • Buffalo Rude

    How long till Google+ goes fascist? Either way, Ima set up an account just to follow The Beast and to have something to bitch about 5 years from now. . . wherein we all move on to the next big thing.

  • Mahnu

    Just linked and shared to be sure it could be done….wait a second, this is all part of your evil plan, isn’t it???

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