"Totally coup, yo."

Republicans Vs. Krokodil (Super-Safe For Work)




Can you spot the subtle differences?

(Click image for full, disgusting resolution!)

Crave more super-gross krokodil stuff? Check out this amazing video of a guy getting his foot amputated into a bucket. We’re so sorry, and you’re welcome!

  • Beast_Fan

    Oh fuck why did I look at this…

    I’m sitting here hoping for a Climate Villain entry or something and now I need Brain Bleach…

    And those Krokodil pictures are pretty grotesque too.

  • admin

    Sorry, dude. Our Climate Villains feature is being postponed until early 2012, after the Loathsome list. Stay tuned.

  • RobThomas

    Almost as gross as that “world’s largest hemorrhoid” pic message board trolls were having fun with a few years back, but still pretty fucking gross.

  • RobThomas

    “subtle differences” haha

  • Jershmode

    I would’ve responded earlier but I had to clean the vomit from my keyboard.

    I’m pretty sure the GOP is far more destructive than krokodil but the juxtapositions presented offer a moment to reflect, to compare and to hurl violently at both prospects.

  • matt

    …jesus, I once spent 3 hours watching myiasmia on youtube. This disgusted even me.

    Those poor people.

  • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

    Vice Magazine has a nice little documentary about this, The Krokodil, I mean. Not the Republicans. That might be too much even for them.

  • http://vectorpress.blogspot.com Trevor

    Humans decomposing while still alive actually IS a much better sight than the GOP primary. I have to wonder if I’m really fucked up or if this country has just become that terrible…

  • JammaLammaDingDong

    I laughed. I cried. I puked.

    All at the same time.

    So thanks, Beast.

    Now go f*ck yourselves while I see what mental health services are covered by my insurance.

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