"Totally coup, yo."

Scott Walker and Rush Limbaugh are lying scumbags




The common conservative response to our recent story on Governor Scott Walker is that it merely proves that Walker has been saying the same thing publicly that he’s been saying privately, and that there was therefore no news value to it. The claim was first made by the Governor himself, when he initially confirmed that it was in fact his voice on the audio recording we posted:

“The thing’s I’ve said are things I’ve said publicly all along. The fact of the matter is people have brought up all sorts of different options and as you saw if you listened to the tape we put that down.”
-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

That’s been the standard talking point. Even such luminaries of the extreme right as Rush Limbaugh have been parroting Walker in this manner:

“There’s nothing new here. There’s no news. By the way, there wasn’t anything in the whole call, he didn’t say anything that he hasn’t said publicly. So there’s no gotcha here. But the media’s having fun with it all because it’s a…’secret conversation.’”
-Rush Limbaugh

But as the fact-checking website PolitiFact points out, this talking point is just not true. So just to be absolutely clear and on the record, here are some things Scott Walker will talk about in supposed privacy, but not publicly:

  1. That he had considered planting agents provocateur amongst the pro-union protesters.
  2. That his anti-union stance and legislation were inspired by former President Ronald Reagan’s political ideology as it was exemplified when he broke up the air traffic controllers’ union at the beginning of his term in office.
  3. That he would offer to speak. but not negotiate, with the 14 Democratic state senators who are currently out of state in order to technically get the quorum necessary to pass the legislation in question.

There’s an easy way to prove any of this wrong. All one would have to do would be to find any similar, verifiable  public statements made by Walker on or before February 22, which is the day Murphy initially made the call. Do that, and we’ll correct the above facts.

You might not like undercover journalism, believing it to be somehow inherently unethical. You might not like us personally. You might think that the above three subjects are not that important, or that it would be ridiculous for Walker to discuss such tactics in public and that they therefore don’t count. You might even agree that Mika Brzezinski in fact is a “real piece of ass.

But those are matters of opinions, not facts. What Walker said and didn’t say during Murphy/Koch’s conversation with him is a matter of fact. And when an ignorant dipshit like Rush Limbaugh says “There’s nothing new here,” he’s telling his audience a lie. Again.

  • cavaliermagic23

    I just want to say thank-you! I just wish the whole world would wake up…

  • Anteprepro

    A Republican politician and Rush Limburger…lying? This…this cannot be!

  • http://DisruptTheNarrative.com P. Henry Saddleburr

    You do so bore me. Frat house phone pranking is so Junior Varsity.

  • http://nanobotswillenslaveusall.wordpress.com/ Josh Bunting

    @P Henry Saddleburr, I do say old boy, you may have a point there *adjusts monocle*

  • mike

    Not like undercover journalism?

    I’m practically bouncing off the walls in happiness for you.

    Not like you personally?

    I think I have a non-sexual crush on Ian Murphy.

    Think that the above three subjects are not that important?

    I have been firm since day 1 Walker should be impeached for #3:

    Feigning hope for compromise but only planning to stab Democrats and the union workers in the back? Really now? Yea, you told everybody THAT gem of a plan, Walker.

  • c&k




  • Laura

    I want to hear Ian Murphy and Govenor Walker debate on Meet the press!

  • Mike

    You are the best, Ian! FUCK Walker, Limbarf, the Cock Bros (spelling intentional) and all the other RW cunts who are determined to keep us on that righteous path towards third-world status. Not surprisingly, the MSM has been absolutely horrible re: telling the truth about what’s really at stake in Wisconsin. In the L.A. Times yesterday, they didn’t bother to mention the Saturday demos until page A20, but the “liberal” Times thought that some BS Tea Party meeting needed to be on page A14. BTW, they barely mentioned Ian’s phone call last week, sloughing it off in a larger article which was mainly another puff piece on the powers-that-be. They couldn’t even be bothered to at least tell the whole story of the call in a sidebar or separate small story.

  • Bebe

    Buffalo Beast makes the world a better place. Murphy’s a hero. <3

  • http://buffalobeast Todd

    Now,If you could just pretend to be Rupert Murdoch giving Beck and Hannity a pep talk; That would be awesome. Kudo’s on the Koch thing tho!

  • JD

    Wish “Koch” would have asked Walker when he was going to go after the police and firefighters unions–that answer could have under cut a lot of the support he is still getting.

  • Ozinator

    number one can be weaseled away. #2 is bragged about by other rightwingers- if not openly enjoyed by Walker. #3 is a tactic that will be compared with the filibuster itself. I think the biggest slam was that he was saying he was going to fire 6000 workers if the Dems didn’t come back. NO ONE would admit to saying something like that. THAT should be the thing to go after (but aside from dissident press, no one will)

  • terry

    Huh? Your 3 points are completely off-base. NEWS would have been Walker putting the agents in the crowd; NEWS would have been him saying his impetus was Hitler or Stalin, not Reagan a President whose time is still revered by many (not me); and the only people who should be impeached by #3 are the cowards still hanging out in IL. I don’t consider myself left or right, but an intelligent, rationale US citizen. You may not like the components of Walker’s bill, but the Senators are out of line and Murphy was juvenile in his prank.

    • http://nanobotswillenslaveusall.wordpress.com/ Josh Bunting

      Where did he publicly discuss any of those three before the call was made?

  • Ozinator


    And what about the plan to fire innocent workers as a tactic to get the Dems to come back?

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  • http://ashleyadwoa.blogspot.com Ashley Adwoa

    I love you!

    This whole situation has been amazing, and you have made it infinitely less frustrating. Your call was exactly what was needed for people to wake the fuck up, and I thank you.
    I’ve been doing my own little version of investigating the lies that have been told by politicians and the media over the course of this ordeal, and the jokes really start to write themselves.
    Thank you for being awesome. Buy me dinner some time?

  • Judy

    Thank you!! You are a new American hero!!

  • Rob Drzymala

    Did I win ? Am I the 25th caller… Hello is anybody there?

  • Biff Squat-thrust

    I’m amazed that no one has picked up on Walker’s snide statements during Murphy’s call about how the “5 million” other constituents in WI. would “believe it was good for the budget if they heard it enough times”.

    There’s plenty of material in that recording to show Walker for the true prick that he is, beside the three points everyone is focusing on.

  • freedomlover

    It’s completely laughable to see people still trying to defend Walker and his billionaire “leash holders!”

  • Deb

    Thank you Scott Walker cause you have broken the middle class from paying for ever the Union. Thank you the Unions see how it feels I am middle class paying for the teachers union and yet when I was layed off they got a raise fight you are what we need even in office.

  • Deb

    Down with the Union! Teachers get payed for what we get payed as private citizens you arn’t better then us and don’t deserve a lifetime of retirement that we pay. We worked even harder for it you’ve had a easy time off it find heart for us we have paid your wages for many years, we haven’t got welfare or disability we paid your way can’t you see to help us.

    Bigger then that if you FIRE the Union you will eventually make more money and it will be yours because big Union thugs can’t take it away!

    You wont get the ten year but that was going away anyway. You would get what we are paid. Is that so strange pay your way. Not us paying all the bills and when it hits you jump up and scream we have been facing this for two years.

  • Deb

    Well, the truth of the matter is our country is in shambels and it is easier to blame everyone then to fix a fundametal problem. so like Rome we will fall no point in trying to figure out why it is quiet apparent. Gold Gold Gold most hard working americand dont have enough gold to snuff. It’s redeulace to ask us to buy or sell gold fact is most of us are trying to survive talk about just that not with utilitly compainies but how we really can survive. Flint and stone talk about us.

  • Deb

    I will say it everytime a Union member screams, Hey us in the private sector that have the same student loans and must pay them off in addition are paying off your retirement (which we have none) your healthcare, all your benifits yet we lose ours beause we weren’t state employees but creative people. So baboons run around screaming about unfairness! We must learn to be one people!

  • Anteprepro

    “chop you hands off”

    Muphry’s law at work. But still, good work “troll”. I didn’t even understand what she meant by “ten year”. Thought it was a weird grammatical fail, rather than the most incredible misspelling I’ve ever seen in all my internet days.

  • Thankful Foryou

    Thank you so much for your journalistic endeavors. We are in this mess as a nation because of the media shilling for the rich. We need to tax these super rich granuloma’s into submission. At least a 70% wealth tax. They will still be rich but will lack the financing to undermine our country and we can use the money to close all of these so called budget shortfalls which have resulted solely because of tax cuts for the rich.

    Keep up the great work!


  • https://bohemianwriter1.wordpress.com/ Bohemianwriter1

    Rush Limbaugh and Scott Walker lying scumbags?

    Gee! That was news to me. Thanks for the headsup McGruff….

  • https://bohemianwriter1.wordpress.com/ Bohemianwriter1

    To all you scumbags whom disrespect unions. If it wasn’t for unions, you imbeciels would still be servants.

    You morons were probably all upset when Obama wanted to give the richest 2% this enormous tax “hikes”, yet blame 60 000 a yeat teachers for Wall Street fuckups. You think that only the rich and corporations should have a collective bargaining voice. Because you think that a corporations and Koch bros are a lot more productive and valuable than a bunch of teachers whom are trying to educate your braindameged punk kids, firefighters whom would save your worthless corpses, and police officers whom is arresting said kids for drugs while protecting the wealth ans security of Walker, Rush and the teabaggers. You whining maggots were all up in hysteria about your precious guns and bibles and the contents of your wallets. And now you want teachers to pay for your endeserved tax cuts, and stil ecpect them to bow down to your every spoiled whim.

    Buffalo Beast is right!

    YOU are the most loathsome pissants last year. And YOU will end up quite high on the list this year as well.

    I can see it before me. You RW morons are cringing about unions, and have wet dreams about Koch to fuck you in the ass while they strip you for every single freedoms you are under the impression of having…

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