"Totally coup, yo."

Separated at Birth?




Newt Gingrich’s “Faith Leaders Dream Team”…

… and the Nazgûl?


  • Anteprepro

    Wow, those are some winners.

    -Barna, head of a slightly Christian-biased polling agency. I’ll never look at them as credible again.
    -Staver, dean of Liberty U, who was a lawyer that “represent[ed] anti-abortion activists who fought a court order banning protesters from physically abusing and interfering those entering or exiting the clinic within a 36-foot buffer zone.”
    -Beverly, founder of the Concerned Woman for America which opposes National Organization for Women because it hates gays, abortion, and equal rights for women.
    -Tim, author of the Left Behind series (!), prominent Bush supporter, and guy who made sure that Liberty U could get itself a “School of Prophecy”. Also, believes the ACLU, NOW, NAACP, and the majority of colleges are on the New World Order with the Illuminati.
    -Wildmon, former chairman of the AFA with ties to radical Christian Jerry Falwell.
    -Watts, a former football player and now conservative politician who is a “team player”.
    -Garlow, megachurcher who led his horde of slavering goons to support Prop 8 and insists that he should be able to support political candidates without forfeiting tax exemptions.
    -And Chuck Norris, Wingnut Daily “writer”, washed up celebrity, and washed up internet meme.

    What a stellar team!

  • Anteprepro

    Real Separated at Birth: Tim LaHaye and Bryan Cranston. Guess which one is the evil twin?

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