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David Bowie: Still Cooler Than You

March 13th, 2013 by

This album cover ain't half bad, once you get used to it.

When news of a new David Bowie album emerged in January, I was excited, but also a bit apprehensive. Sure, the idea of new music from one of the most vital, original, and enigmatic rock geniuses to ever walk the earth was enticing, but at the same time, the dude is 66. What if he doesn’t have it anymore, and his comeback effort proves to be the musical equivalent of Michael Jordan’s time with the Washington Wizards?

Thankfully, that’s not even close to being the case. The Next Day, Bowie’s 24th studio album, is brilliant from start to finish, and proves that despite being gone for far too long, Bowie still has a lot of creative juices in him. This is one of Bowie’s more diverse efforts, as he adeptly switches from genre to genre on each song. Lead single “Where Are We Now” is a soulful ballad, a bit reminiscent of his cover of “Wild Is The Wind” on Station to Station, but with more of the atmospheric quality that would mark the Berlin Trilogy era. (more…)

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Community: An Imitation Of Community

February 22nd, 2013 by

At least it’s still better than Go On.

Last spring, a large section of the internet had a collective seizure when it was announced the NBC sitcom Community would be going forward without Dan Harmon, the super-duper-mega-genius who created it all. It seemed like sacrilege, since the show was Harmon’s baby from the beginning, and he had put so much of his blood, sweat, and tears into the project.

When it was announced that he would be replaced by David Guarascio and Moses Port, best known for their work on Happy Endings and Just Shoot Me (the latter is a fairly underrated show, for the record), all the diehard fans were all to eager to write the postmortem for Community without even seeing any of the new episodes. Well, after watching the first three episodes of the post-Harmon era, it’s my sad duty to report that those devoted ultra-fans actually had a point.

The show just isn’t the same. (more…)

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13 Days To Go

October 24th, 2012 by

This shit is almost over with.

Obama and Romney hug it out, bitch.

Holy fuck shit am I sick of this election.

All of it, just all of it. The pointless debates, the endless pontificating by overpaid TV blowhards, the fact that Romney and Ryan can lie their fucking asses off, and no one in the media will call them on it, and if they do, they’ll write it off as no big deal, because apparently asking our politicians for accountability is like, sooooooo 1974…. (more…)


My Rejected Fantasy Football Column!

August 30th, 2012 by

Read The Article That A Subsidiary of ESPN Didn’t Think Was Good Enough!


A few weeks ago, Grantland began a contest to be their fantasy football writer. While I’m not much of a fantasy person (I won my league in 2010, but mostly because everyone else stopped paying attention), I thought I’d give it a try. Sadly, the results came in yesterday, of the 4000 entrants, I did not make the top 10. Thanks to the existence of alcohol, I’m not too broken up about this, but I figured since I did put some work into the column, why not put it out there and give people a chance to read it. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules, the instructions were to name your top 5 fantasy players and one sleeper. So, here’s my rejected entry into Grantland’s Fantasy Football Writer contest. Enjoy!



Fuck The Lakers

August 13th, 2012 by

Especially Kobe. But really, fuck all of them.

A rare moment of Howard not trying to get a coach fired

If we had to pick the most maddening team in all of the four major sports, I’m guessing it would come down to a virtual tie between the Yankees and the Lakers. Both teams win constantly, primarily because they spend money left and right, usually so they can take the best players from other, less fortunate teams. I can easily see hating either team, but I became a Yankees fan when I was 6, and there’s no turning back now. At least not until Jeter retires.

But the Lakers? They really burn my cannoli. After two “off” years in which they only made it to the second round of the playoffs, everyone’s least favorite NBA franchise reloaded in grand fashion this summer. First they added Steve Nash, who is somehow still one of the league’s best point guards despite being almost 40. Because turning the most likeable guy in the league over to the dark side wasn’t enough, the Lakers also added the league’s best center, Dwight Howard. Combining Nash and Howard with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol gives the Lakers an extremely potent stating lineup, and puts them among the favorites to win the title next season. Just like always. (more…)


My First Election As A Cynic

June 18th, 2012 by

Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Admit That It’s All Bullshit

The 2012 election will be the sixth presidential election of my lifetime, and the third one I’ve actually given a shit about. In 1992, I was barely sentient, having absolutely no idea that Bush had just lost, or that his son would eventually bring the world just shy of complete destruction. In 1996, I wanted Clinton to win, but only because my mom said he was better than the other guy. It’s kind of like how she roots for the Memphis Grizzlies even though she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about basketball. She knows I like them, and that’s that. 2000 was pretty much the same. I knew that the monkey-faced Republican who stole the election was a bad dude, but I had no clue why. Those years, I was just too young. (more…)


Why The Heat Will Lose Big Again

June 12th, 2012 by

2012 NBA Finals Preview

At the beginning of the NBA season, I predicted that the Miami Heat would win the NBA title. In fact, I even went as far as to say that it was inevitable, and that all we could do is search for whatever silver linings we could find in that otherwise depressing outcome.

So, now that the Heat are actually in the NBA finals, why do I expect them to lose?

Because, as it turns out, this team is way more flawed that I initially noticed. For one thing, they really aren’t all that deep. Sure, they have two superstars in Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, and another very good player in Chris Bosh, but what is there after that? A bunch of washed up dudes who are only good at hitting threes (Mike Miller, Shane Battier, James Jones), and a pack of below average centers with no offensive skills whatsoever (Joel Anthony, Ronny Turiaf, Dexter Pittman). For all their flash, the Heat just don’t have a lot of substance.

In contrast, the Oklahoma City Thunder are a far better constructed team. They have a Big Three of their own in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden, and they also have a lot of quality players beyond that. Power forward Serge Ibaka led the league in blocks, and many thought he deserved Defensive Player Of The Year honors more than the eventual winner, Knicks center Tyson Chandler. The combination of Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins, who has always been known for his defensive prowess, gives the Thunder one of the toughest front courts to score on in the league. Considering that many of the Heat’s playoff victories came from Lebron’s ability to score at will, they could be in some serious trouble.

And really, Lebron is their only hope. Yes, Wade is a great player, too, and he won a title in 2006, but anyone who views the situation realistically can tell you that Lebron is the Heat’s best player, and he should be their leader. As good as Durant is, Lebron is probably still a little bit better at this point. If he is able to thoroughly outplay Durant, it could make up the Heat’s lack of depth and catapult them to victory.

That, however, does not seem very likely. Let’s not forget who we’re talking about here. For all of Lebron’s raw talent and athleticism, he has an odd tendency to struggle in clutch situations. When the pressure is on, he panics, often deferring to Wade, or even a role player like Mario Chalmers. Last year he choked against a Mavericks team that wasn’t even close to the talent level of the Thunder. Admittedly, he’s had several big fourth quarters in these playoffs, so he may be improving in this regard. Still, going against a team as strong as the Thunder, it’s not hard to picture him falling into old habits.

Which is why for all of Lebron’s skill, and as powerful as the Heat’s Big Three can be, they will most likely lose in the finals for a second straight year. Kevin Durant’s leadership and lights out shooting will carry the Thunder to their first title, and we’ll have another year to make fun of Lebron’s inability to take charge when it really matters. Won’t that be nice?

The pick: Thunder in 5

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Boxing: An Even Bigger Joke Than We Thought

June 10th, 2012 by

At least the WWE admits that it’s fake…


I give zero fucks — flying or otherwise — about boxing. Every major fight, I try to get into it, but the whole thing just bores the hell out of me. Yes, this is coming from someone who will publicly admit to liking NASCAR. You can say all you want about how it’s an art or a science, but really it’s just two dudes punching the shit out of each other. And that can only be entertaining for so long. (more…)


Sonic BEAST: Volume 1

June 9th, 2012 by

The “best” and worst musical commodities currently invading our brains

★★★★★: Hey Ya!
★★★★: Irreplaceable
★★★: Hips Don’t Lie
★★: Moves Like Jagger
★: Tik Tok (more…)

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John Mayer's New Album Doesn't Suck

May 29th, 2012 by

No, seriously. Stop Laughing.


But will you still want to punch him?

For the past decade, John Mayer has been one of the most frustrating figures in music. Much like an athlete with an attitude problem, Mayer has all the talent in the world, but he’s never been able to not suck. He can shred like a motherfucker, but he chooses to put out wuss-rock for 16-year-old girls who think Maroon 5 is too edgy. He’s had a few tolerable singles along the way, but he hasn’t come close to living up to his potential. (more…)


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