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BEASTcast 15: Gregory Paul

December 15th, 2011 by

Murphy talks to freelance researcher, author, illustrator, paleontologist, and atheist firebrand Gregory Paul about the science of religion, religion’s adverse affect on societies, the hypocrisy of the religious right, the evils of libertarianism, and the empirical truth behind the 99% movement. (more…)


Other Lies Fox Viewers Will Believe about #OWS

October 18th, 2011 by


You have got people having sex on the street, walking around topless, smoking pot…
-Sean Hannity on the protestors in Zuccotti Park, 10/14/2011

While it’s true that there are few people dumber than a Fox News viewer, can that lie really work? Yes, a 33,000-square-foot park, surrounded by cops 24 hours a day, is full of flagrant law breakers. And law enforcement is, what, masturbating to it? Handing out the weed? Well, god knows, cops are holding. And they’ve been so cool with the protesters that I guess anything is possible. (more…)


The American Autumn

October 5th, 2011 by

The Children of the Lost Decade Revolt

BY TINA DUPUY (via TinaDupuy.com)

The movement known as the tea party started in the mainstream media, on a national show. CNBC’s Rick Santelli, fired what cable news would later dub “the shot heard around the world” in 2009, when he lamented paying for the mortgages of the “losers” who couldn’t pay their bills. “President Obama, are you listening?” he bellowed.

Well, it was broadcast on national television. (more…)


Liberty Squared

October 4th, 2011 by

I Slept in Zuccotti Park for This Report

Wall Street was an actual wall once. In the 1600s, Dutch occupiers needed to keep out the natives, pirates, and unwanted dregs. You learned the Dutch stole the island for $24, but they really paid 60 guilders, which is over $1,000 in today-money. Still a steal, for Manhattan. In 2011, the rent is too damn high…unless you’re willing to sleep in the park. (more…)



September 29th, 2011 by

A BEAST Special Report

Fearless BEAST reporter Joe Dixon leaves the safety of Harlem to interview the EVIL SOCIALISTS at #occupywallstreet. (more…)

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