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June 9th, 2012 by

Unlimited money buys unlimited dumb in Wisconsin and elsewhere

“Dateline NBC” once offered a group of children a breakfast choice: a banana or a rock with a Scooby-Doo sticker on it. Almost all of them chose the rock. Last Tuesday, Wisconsin chose the rock. (more…)


Pol Dancing in Wisconsin

June 4th, 2012 by

Scott Fitzgerald Gives a Stripper a Ride?

UPDATE 9:35 pm: PROBABLY MAYBE MIGHT BE NOT! More info below original post.

Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican Senator who’s represented the 13th district since ’94, is facing a tough recall election tomorrow against Democratic opponent Lori Compas. So it’s too bad for him that a confidential source just emailed me some highly interesting photos.


Lies, Damn Dirty Lies, and Scott Walker's Job Numbers

May 16th, 2012 by

Wisconsin Governor’s Pants Burst into Flames, Thousands Missing

Wisconsin’s job record is the worst in the nation. Scott Walker’s tried to obscure that fact with¬†cheap slogans like “Wisconsin Is Open For Business” and “It’s working.”¬†¬†Apparently, it’s not working well enough, so he’s graduated from bad public relations to pulling an Enron on Wisconsin’s labor statistics. According to Rick Ungar at Forbes: (more…)


Wisconsin's Weird Numbers

May 9th, 2012 by

Milwaukee¬†Mayor Tom Barrett Crushes Dem Primary, but what the…

So yesterday’s Republican turnout for the Wisconsin gubernatorial primary was supposed to be low. Damn low. The conventional wisdom was that they had no reason to turn out, and if they did they might even cross over and vote for a weak (Falk) or fake (Huber) Democratic candidate. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. (more…)

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April 12th, 2012 by

Fake David Koch Endorses Real Republican in Wisconsin Governor Race

“I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.”
-Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass would not recognize today’s Grand Old Party. The forward-thinking likes of Lincoln and La Follette have been usurped by backward psychopaths like Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and [insert Republican here]. And if reanimated in the modern era, Zombie-Douglass would fight like hell to bring the Republican Party back to its progressive roots. (more…)


Perception Management

March 10th, 2012 by

Koch’d up Wisconsin think tank attempts to rewrite history in real time

Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the day the Wisconsin Senate Republicans killed, for the time being, the collective bargaining rights of most public union employees in the state. I was there. I even slept in the Capitol overnight. It was chaotic, immoral, and illegal, too. The 19 Republicans removed the collective bargaining bit from Governer [sic] Scott Walker’s budget “repair” bill, and rushed it through without fair notice, in violation of the open meetings law. It was separated from the bill because budgetary measures require a 20-senator quorum to pass — which is why the then 14 Democratic Senators in exile were able to hold up its passage. Non-budget bills only need a 14-senator quorum. So there’s your Badger history/civics lesson. (more…)


Koch Whore, a year later

February 23rd, 2012 by

Reflections, ruminations, and several lengthy digressions

So it’s been a year since I pranked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker posing as tea party sugar daddy David Koch.¬†At the time, Koch told the New York Times, “I didn‚Äôt even know [Walker's] name before this brouhaha erupted.” That seemed improbable. Recently, Koch told the Palm Beach Post, “What Scott Walker is doing with the public unions in Wisconsin is critically important. He’s an impressive guy and he’s very courageous.” He also told the reporter, “We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.” That’s more like it. (more…)


When Birchers Attack!

January 17th, 2012 by

What took them so long?

I really should be working on our annual 50 Most Loathsome Americans list (it’s pretty late, I’m aware), or preparing for court later (I was arrested for filming a cop) or at least shaving…or ironing my sport coat…or showering, but the National Review posted a hit piece on me yesterday, so I’m going take a few minutes this morning to respond. These are minutes I could use appreciating the fleeting natural wonder that is life. Instead, I’m going to waste them entirely, rooting through the shit-end of Wisconsin politics. (more…)


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