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JIMMY MCMILLAN on his 2012 Presidential Bid, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, a possible cage death-match with Chuck Norris, space aliens in the VA, breakfast-lunch-and-dinner, drinking his own urine and something about the price of shelter in a BEASTCLUSIVE Interview.

McMillan: “So what’s wrong with drinking your own urine? You see, you were told it’s no good; you believe it’s no good. Don’t you believe that.”

B: If you had to choose, what’s the most important meal of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner?

JM: Hahaha! Both—all three! But you need breakfast. Breakfast is key. That’s what I’m having right now. You may not eat dinner, but the breakfast is very important because your body shut down at night when you go to sleep. If you don’t sleep at night, whatever time you wake up will be breakfast. You need to put that in your body, so your body can function and all that.

B: All right. You’re a karate expert. In a cage death-match between you and Chuck Norris: who comes out alive?

JM: Heh-hahaha. Well, we don’t fight like that. If it was a contest, he would use his best ability and I would use mine and that’s how that goes. We are like gunslingers; the first one to make that move is the one that wins. That’s how martial arts experts go. We’re gunslingers, but gunslingers on a physical level. We can’t say who would win. The only way to find that out is to put us both in a cage match and let the public see who would win that contest. HAHAHAHA!

B: Um…are you issuing a challenge to Chuck Norris right now?

JM: Well, not on your word. You would never do that as karate expert because you always respect one’s ability. But if the contest came about—Chuck Norris and I—I would use verbal judo on Chuck Norris. I would use a technique on him he may not understand and he would use a technique on me that I may not be familiar with. That’s what turns masters into masters. We both with our ability—I have gotten involved in a political campaign with only $16.91 and Chuck Norris has proven his ability as martial artist in a physical sense by being able to produce movies and on television. But we both are masters. I am at the financial level and he is at the physical level of his form of martial arts. Martial arts comes in all types of forms. But I am the greatest at mine and he is the greatest at his, so it would be a hell of a contest.

While he throwing kicks, I’ll be sitting out with a pencil and paper, mathematically figuring out his moves, then I’ll win. If I don’t throw any kicks, as good as he throws them, he might throw a kick to win as well. But with my mathematical point of view, I’ll beat him. HAHAHA! Chuck Norris in the ring and I’m on the side with a table, with my pencil and pad. Mathematically, every kick he throw and every punch he throw, and it has already been proven that I will win that contest, and he’s proved he will win his, so it will end up being a draw.

B: Uh, OK. Very diplomatic answer. Politico reports that you may be considering a primary challenge to Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election—

JM: Yes, they did; that is correct. That is correct.

B: Have you been out to Iowa or New Hampshire—how serious is this thing?

JM: No, I just got the supporters emailing me, telling me to do that. When you get the millions of supporters across the country on the issues—right now, I just put it in the atmosphere, so that once the holidays pass it will be—it’s not a joke! People are continuously suffering and I’m not playing games. Barack Obama is an internet hog. I’m well aware he know of me and what I have tried to accomplish under the democratic, organized crime, corruption in the country called America. He’s well aware of that. But it’s my job to supply a roof over your head, food on the table and put money in your pocket, and create the millions of job that he cannot do. He talks about it, but he don’t know how to go about it. He need more than just himself and trying to be president, governor, mayor, city council—he can’t be everything. If he do not incorporate the governors of states—this contest is between no one but the President of the United States and the governors of states. Because if the President cannot create the jobs—elected governor in the state of New York, I would have created 3 – 6 million easy! You have to know how to do it. This is not a joke; this is not a game. And this is only between myself and everyone that you could speak to out there that would try to help this country rise above the financial crisis we’re in. They can’t do it and I know I have the capability to do it.

B: All right. What do you think about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party?

JM: You know, you have a right. This is America. They have the right to run their mouth. I believe in freedom of speech. If they spoke of building America for the better, it would be something to talk about, but they’re not doing that. So you fight fire with fire, but you don’t fight fire with water, so they ain’t helped us. There’s nothing there, but I respect them. I respect the party. They have gotten to a level the Rent is Too Damn High Party has not gotten. They have power status across the country. We need to get that.

B: They also have the backing of the Koch brothers; they have millions and millions of corporate dollars behind them. I think maybe you need to—have you talked to George Soros?

JM: No. No. We—right now—we are in the process of signing a contract with WPIX TV channel 11. And I will have a segment on the evening news. And we also hired an agent that will also—not in the political arena, but I, too, will be receiving corporate sponsors for my business and moving it a step forward, so I don’t believe—let me just say this to America real quick: We need to get this country together. If you feel that you want to give someone a billion to run a campaign, if the people are stupid enough to vote for them, you can’t blame the elected officials, you blame the stupid voters! The elected officials did not vote themselves into office! You must get on the voters! What are you thinking?! Are you thinking at all?! You have the responsibility as a voter. This is where it is. You can’t get on Sarah Palin. I would have dinner with Sarah Palin tomorrow if she invite me, because it’s not about Sarah Palin. It’s about the voters who listen to these folks, who get hypnotized from radio and TV from listening to the rhetoric constantly going in their ear all the time and they go to the polls. “Oh, I’m gonna vote Sarah Palin; I’m gonna vote so-and-so; I’m gonna vote Rush Limbaugh.” I love Rush Limbaugh. Under freedom of speech, you cannot—cannot knock anything anyone say including Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Under the Constitution! Leave it alone and stop trying to satisfy your personal ego if someone say something about—I remember when I was a little boy going to school. The Ku Klux Klan would call me a nigger. My mother say, “Son, sticks and stones can break your bones and words never hurt.” I never understand why they had me do that because I was ready to kick the Klan’s butt when I was a young boy.

Those things meant something then and it means something now. And when the media come up and they say things about a candidate, the media is thinking—they’re putting word in your mouth, they’re saying that they talking for you. Who the hell are they to say that?

There’s a new revolution that has taken over America. A new person. A new company. A new group. A new organization. It is called the Rent is Too Damn High Movement. We have taken over. The Tea Party means nothing. Once we get to the high level of President of United States, which is where I need to take it, for the world to see what we do. It’s over. You will hear no more of the Tea Party; you will hear no more of Rush Limbaugh, because people are suffering and they don’t have time to listen to you. Now is the time for the Rent Too Damn High Party and Movement to take place all across this country, as it has in Great Britain, as it has in all of Europe, as it has in China, as it has in Egypt, as it has in Australia. These are countries that have gotten in touch with us already and they really endorse what we’re doing—as it has in Canada, who want me to come to Canada asap and address that nation on what they can do to bring down the cost. Everyone knows what we’re doing and what we are here to do. Everyone understands it except the media in the state of New York and the United States of America only because the truth never get in front of a good story, because they need to make money.

B: According to Wikipedia, you’re known by many names – one of them being ‘Papa Smurf.’ Now Papa Smurf is a well-known communist, so I have to ask you: Are you now or have you ever been a communist?

JM: Haaa. See, that’s the media again. Papa Smurf is different in our view. See, I’m ghetto. In ghetto we call—Papa Smurf is a guy who talks to the children and he’s real good with the children. An old white lady in Central Park seen me practicing martial arts and the children came over and they wanted to—they seen me doing punches and kicks, I was doing my training—and do you know what she was concerned about? “Do you know them?” I said, no. “But they all line up and do what you tell them. I’m gonna call you Papa Smurf!”

Papa Smurf is a karate expert. Papa Smurf was a bouncer for the New York Yankees. Papa Smurf was a bouncer for a club—that’s the only name they knew me by—and Papa Smurf would delete you from the premises. Papa Smurf was a name I used as a private investigator, so you wouldn’t know who I was.

I’m a Vietnam Vet, who killed a lot of Vietcong. Served the country with a lot of my fellow veterans, who did not make it home alive. Communist? The Rent is Too Damn High for that conversation, dawg.

B: All right. I have to ask: Do you have an opinion on the possible existence of aliens? Have you ever been abducted by, or had any contact with, space aliens?

JM: Only at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. When I came home from Vietnam and they told me that—I couldn’t breathe and they said, “You OK.” I learned from the evening news that I was exposed to Agent Orange. I didn’t know why my daughter had spina bifida, why I couldn’t have children, and the Department of Veteran Affairs, for 40 years, ignored me totally. So the Department of Veterans Affairs sucked me up. They don’t give a damn about you. Alien? The United States government is my alien. It’s the way we’ve been treated.

The problem with Jimmy McMillan is he outsmarted the Vietcong and he came home alive. That’s Jimmy McMillan’s greatest problem. That’s alien. Jimmy McMillan is an alien himself. “Jimmy McMillan, how did you get home from Vietnam when the Vietcong had you trapped and the Vietcong almost killed you?” That’s what you need to learn. How was I able to get involved in a campaign in the largest city in the world with only $16.91. That’s an alien, brother.

This is what people need to focus on. Yes, an alien body—the United States government—who suckers you to join the military. And when you join the military something happens to you—no, no, no!

I’m gonna break it down. I’m not going to mince words. The United States Military tells you when you come home, F YOU! Thank you, get the hell out my face now. Ask not what your country can do for you, only what you can do for your country. That’s what the United States government tell you. So I have a problem. They give you nothing! They like, Oh, thank you! You lost an arm?! We’ll give you a prosthetic. And we’ll give you a $300 check a month. You gonna be all right; you gonna be OK. Next soldier. We’ll give you a Purple Heart; we’ll give you a Medal of Honor; we’ll give you a Bronze Star; we’ll give you all the medals that you need. OK? Next soldier! Are you ready to go to war and fight for the United States government in Afghanistan? Come on! Come on! Oh, don’t listen to that veteran. He disgruntled. He probably suffer from PTSD. You not gonna be like that. You sign this contract. When you come home we’re gonna take care of you! HAHAHA! We’re gonna–Uncle Sam want you! We want—this is a problem I have. Enough is enough. The people are being suckered the same way when it come to voting. Enough is enough. That’s what I’m here to say. I was suckered.

B: Oh. Yeah, um, you mentioned Vietnam and I saw in an interview you did recently that in ’94 you ran for governor and to drum up publicity you walked from Brooklyn to Buffalo. And in this interview you said you stayed in homeless shelters along the way and you said that you would never go thirsty because you know how to drink your own urine—

JM: I drank my urine. I—

B: How—

JM: I—I—

B: How—

JM: I—go ahead.

B: How do you do that?

JM: Just put it in a glass and drink it.

B: That—that can’t help. That can’t be good.

JM: Who told you that? Look at me. You see something wrong with me? I don’t know where you get that from. You’re so accustomed to drinking water in America that you don’t think that there’s another medication or something that can help you. I found that urine was able to—I don’t have diabetes. I was able to beat the diseases my brothers have who were exposed to Agent Orange. Even though I can’t have children, there’s nothing wrong with me. I have shrapnel in my body, yeah, but physically my body’s fine. So what’s wrong with drinking your own urine? You see, you were told it’s no good; you believe it’s no good. Don’t you believe that. Look at me; my gray hair. Maybe I got a piss beard. Hehehe. I don’t know. They ask, why you act like that? Because you drink your own urine? Maybe so. But the Rent is Too Damn Party is drinking piss all the way to the top! Do you smell anything? If it does smell foul, we have succeeded. Have a sense of humor! America is laughing again. They call me the Piss Man. America’s laughing again. Another name that will be placed upon my back other than Papa Smurf: The Man Who Drank His Own Urine Now He Smell Like Pee-Pee. That’s OK!


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