"Totally coup, yo."

The Roots Accurately Describe Michelle Bachmann




When someone’s a lyin’ ass bitch, someone has to say it

Jimmy Fallon could be pretty funny — I really have no idea. The dude is usually too busy laughing at his own jokes to hear the actual punchline. Last night, however, his Late Night show was the sight of something pretty interesting — the best political statement by a talk show house band. Ever.

The presence of The Roots is easily the best thing about Fallon’s show, but until now, their sense of humor had been fairly swept under the rug. They’ve appeared in sketches before, and they done some subtler commentary intros before, but there was no definitive proof they were any funnier than Paul Shaffer (less annoying, but not funnier). Until last night, that is. With noted child-hoarder and Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann on the show, the band decided to give her a fitting introduction – as she walked on stage she was greeted with Fishbone’s classic “Lyin’ Ass Bitch”.

Now, the chances of Bachmann being familiar with a pissed-off late ’80s black ska-punk band are even lower than the chances of The Beast endorsing Michelle Bachmann, but for those in the know, it was an amazing moment. Almost as good as the time Conan O’Brien shot Jay Leno in the face with a tommy gun 10 times, then ripped his head off and displayed it to a cheering crowd. Oh wait, that never happened? I guess it was just a wonderful dream.

Anyway, now that this is happened, I have some strong words for anyone who might like to stick their nose into this: Let it go. This was just funny. We don’t need NBC suspending ?uestlove for two weeks. We don’t need every feminist blogger calling The Roots sexist because the song happened to include the word “bitch.” Really, it’s fine. It would be great if just for once in our lives we all admitted that something funny was just funny.

“And no PS3 either, mister!”

And really, this was a master class in awesomeness. Think about it, The Roots could have gone with something obvious, like Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” or even Jet’s “Cold Hard Bitch” — but no, they dug deep and went with an obscure, and brilliant choice. Come to think of it, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” comes from the same album as another classic Fishbone tune, “Party At Ground Zero”. I wonder if Fallon will have Giuliani on any time soon…


  • http://bit.ly/sdi4Tj Trevor

    Jimmy Fallon’s still alive!? Clearly there is no justice in this universe…

  • Swellsman

    Thank you. I am pretty much a news/politics junkie, and the first I heard about this was when a blogsite I frequent mentioned it and said something along the lines of “common decency demands that Fallon apologize” — with no explanation as to why that should be so. Supposedly, it is just obvious.

    Well it’s not obvious to me. I mean, the Roots didn’t even sing the lyrics, they just played the song. So it wasn’t rude, it was just funny — and the best kind of funny, where the audience has a laugh because it’s done the work of putting two and two together.

    Besides, after seeing Ms. Michele w/Dr. Marcus, is there any doubt that here entire life is a lie?

    I think the Roots did just fine. I think Fallon was in on it, and if Questlove is being “grounded” (whatever that means) it is only because he called attention to a subtle joke that otherwise would have been entirely unremarked upon.


  • cyber00701

    What was the problem? She is a lyin @ss bit… lol Truth really does hurt lol.

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