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Jon Huntsman Eating Dough in a Polyethylene Bag Is Fast and Bulbous, Got Me?

On Friday, former Governor of Utah and Republican presidential hopeful Jon Hunstman tweeted this tweet tweeted round the Twitter:

To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.

Maybe you heard about it. It was, very sadly, a big deal that a Republican candidate isn’t completely detached from reality — or unwilling to pander to the unhinged base. And they are, indeed, calling him crazy. They’ve even trotted out allusions to “Climate-Gate” over at Redstate (nothing is below Erick Erickson).

Huntsman, seen here, being a prog-rock dork

Huntsman, seen here, being a prog-rock dork

Hunstman’s odd pro-reality stance is getting him attention, garnering him about 10K new Twitter followers over the weekend, but it will undoubtedly hurt his chances of winning the Republican nomination. Anyway, if that tweet wasn’t good enough for you, he followed up with this:

I wonder if a tweet where I admit how much I like Captain Beefheart will make the followers skyrocket even more!

And he provided a link to this:

Well, now I know who I’m voting for. It’s either the Republican incumbent or the Republican who digs Beefheart. I guess I’ll toss a coin. Tails: a guy who purports to believe that some guy called Jesus came back from the dead and flew up to heaven. Heads: a guy who purports that after the Jesus fellow flew up to heaven he flew over here to hang out with Native American Jews. These moronic beliefs, which neither man probably has, will show me exactly who shares my values. Or some such.

Aside from being a prog-rock enthusiast, and former member of the band Wizard, Huntsman is at least honest about his republicanism. I bring this up because of a “let the grownups talk politics” type article which appeared at Salon.com this weekend. It’s a myopic attempt to mollify the left about what power the President does — and doesn’t — have.

"If you believe if evolution, raise your hand."

“If you believe if evolution, raise your hand.”

The author’s blind spot lies in the — totally baseless — assumption that Obama has tried and failed to be the change we were all waiting for. A president has to pick his battles, not everything can go his way, really, he tried. If this President had gone to the mattresses over single-payer, substantive Wall Street reform, tax cuts for billionaires, etc. this article would be warranted. In reality, he fought for none of those things. In reality, he’s governed from what was once called “the center right.”

The left isn’t in need of a lesson in executive power. The left — and I dare say the whole country — is in need of someone who isn’t a consummate bullshitter.  Huntsman is at least honest about being a Republican.

And that’s why The BEAST is endorsing the late Captain Beefheart for President of the United States!

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    Ugh. Captain Beefheart sucks.

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    No way.

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