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TV Weatherman Won't Deny Molesting Animals




Fox News contributor Anthony Watts refuses to deny he sexually violated farm animals 

TV weatherman turned global warming denier, and Fox News contributor, Anthony Watts has refused to answer to charges that he routinely sexually violates farm animals.

In a recent blog post about the animal-sex controversy, Watts cites a critic who’d commented on the Center for American Progress blog Climate Progress:

“I recently experienced a horrifying extended email conversation with Anthony Watts…pleading that he was not, in fact, a lover of sexual congress with farm animals.”

Watts brushes aside the allegations as nonchalantly as he brings them up. “Mentioning the charges,” says psychologist Daniel Dinklage, “and not outright denying them is his way of saying, ‘Oh, Dear God, it’s true; I did have sex with farm animals on many occasions!’ He needs the world to know that on some level.”

Watts, seen here, looking at animal porn

No stranger to controversy, Watts has made a name for himself as a prolific anti-science blogger, commentator, and incompetent data collector. In 2009, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a paper strongly dismissing Watts’s false claims that surface temperatures have not risen. Watts has also inspired critics who see his ties to the Exxon/Koch-funded Heartland Institute as a clear indication that he’s paid to lie about climate change science.

“Having sex with animals,” says Dinklage, “is Watts’s cry for help.”

Watts was not contacted for this report.


  • Beast_Fan

    That poor, twisted man…

  • John

    How can I share this on facebook?

  • KingOtheParty

    I guess that it only makes sense that a man who denounces science is the one who holds the capacity to commit those acts. I find it to be, based on science alone, jack nasty. That sheep strayed from the flock a long time ago.

  • RapMan

    Goes around, reaches around.

    Clearly Watts has been the recipient of either a seduction or rape by a series of carbon capitalists.

    No wonder, he was a weatherman… All the advertisers were lining up on ol Watty.

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