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Republican Race Wars! Muslims Invade Asia! Antivaccine Airlines! Breatharianism!




His misspelled sign burned in the fire before the photo was taken.

A group of religious fundamentalists were protesting the expansion of a mosque in their area. They said it was being built on land that was sacred to them and they did not approve. They said they would destroy it unless the construction site were moved. When they found that a worship site of yet another religion was already in the area, they then demanded that that site be moved as well.

This all sounds pretty familiar, but this isn’t about a few ignorant Christian yahoos holding their noses and using their vacation time at their shitty jobs to freak out about a Muslim cultural center which would immediately become a center for terrorism and Victory Mosquing in Midtown Manhattan. This is about ignorant Buddhist yahoos doing pretty much the same thing in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is officially a Buddhist country, so that religion gets a privileged status and is specially protected by the government. Those who wanted to expand their mosque and the Hindu temples in question here have no Establishment Clause equivalent to back them up the way the organizers of Park 51 did here in ‘Merica (USA! USA! USA!, etc.). It’s too bad we let that happen here because of all of those terrorist attacks organized there we’ve had since it opened. Oh wait, that never happened. Funny how Fox News never seemed to follow up on that, isn’t it?


Noted Breatharian C. Monster explains his expanded consciousness.

Breatharianism is kind of like vegeterianism except without the vegetables. Or fruit. Or any food at all, for that matter. They usually say they survive on sunlight or the breath of God or universal life force or something like that. This is one of those forms of woo where it’s very easy to distinguish between the self-conscious frauds and the true believers. The former group eats food in secret and survives. The latter group doesn’t stick around for very long because – and this is the kind of intrepid reporting you’ll find here at The BEAST – if you don’t eat food, you’ll die pretty quickly.

It turns out some unnamed Swiss woman from a town called Wolfhalden can be added to list of true believers in Breatharianism. She died last January, but for some reason her death is only being reported this week. Apparently she got the idea from an Austrian documentary called In the Beginning There Was Light, which is about a 15th century Swiss hermit who claimed to nourish himself only on “divine light” and a few other people who pretend they don’t eat food.



The search for an anti-Trump vaccine continues

One great thing about the internet is how much easier it’s gotten to put pressure on companies doing unethical things. It used to be you’d have to write letters – actual letters on paper and with ink – if you wanted to let the tuna companies know how you felt about them killing Flipper or whatever. Now we have email and social networks and other stuff that makes it easier to organize and reach people.

So when American Airlines bought programming from the Australian Vaccination Network in the form of an interview with leading antivaccine activist Meryl Dorey, the backlash from health and science activists was pretty swift. At first American Airlines defended their choice by saying that listening to Dorey’s craziness was optional. As part of their in-flight programming, people had the option of listening to it or to something else. Or nothing at all. People started talking about boycotts. And then American Airlines changed their minds and decided not to air antivax propaganda on their planes.

So I guess now it’s time to lay off them. They made a bad business decision and when the cost of that policy became too great, they changed the policy. Hopefully this sets a precedent for the next time the AVN tries to dupe someone into spreading their schlock.


Orly Taitz is back! She’s was trying to get the Republican nomination to run for Senate against Dianne Feinstein. The two results of her campaign are about as predictable as what you’d expect to happen if you threw a reality TV star into the middle of a shark feeding frenzy. For one, she didn’t win the nomination. And secondly, she blamed her loss on a racist conspiracy theory about how her party is passing her up because they want to have a minority on the ticket. She didn’t use the word token, but she danced around it for a while.

“Following the paradigm of the “Architect” [Karl Rove] it seemed the board and particularly Steve Frank wwere pushing for a Hispanic Al Ramirez. It did not matter, whether my Spanish was as good as his. They wanted a Spanish name on the ballot.”

Think about that for a minute: She seriously thinks California Republicans are using affirmative action politics. Their governor supported a Nazi war criminal, but apparently that’s not far enough to the right for Taitz’s liking. Those are the sorts of mental contortions you need to be an expert in when you’re as loony and un-self-aware as Taitz. Because to her, there’s no other explanation for why they’d take a pass on running Taitz for US Senate. None at all. She’s totally qualified and everything. She even speaks the Spanish, you guys.


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