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WordPress does a pretty good job of filtering out spam comments. We get lots of them at the BEAST, many of which are pretty funny because they’re awkwardly worded (“I very much enjoy this content, please continue,” etc.). But this one I took note of was weird in both its approach and the actual product/service it was trying to sell.

I don’t want to link to it because that would kind of defeat the purpose of having a spam filter in the first place, but here’s a screen shot of where you end up when you follow their link:

Do you see what they did there? They took that ever-popular “For Idiots” tagline used for that series of introductory books to every subject imaginable and avoided copyright infringement by substituting “For” with “4.” But unlike the books, calling their perspective customers idiots isn’t an appeal to self-depreciating humor; it’s just accurate. This product truly is for idiots – I’m sorry, “4″ idiots.

  • http://Fuck! Fuck!

    Hey, where’s the fucking loathesome list? Fuck!

  • admin

    Dear Fuck,
    It’s in our brains. Soon. Calm down.




  • Fuck

    Oh, I kid. I will wait patiently.

    BTW….looks like somebody entered the candidacy for the 2011 loathsome list yesterday. How about just giving the whole state of Arizona a spot?

  • poopsquire

    monday came and went. no loathsome list. how loathsome of you.

  • Ozinator

    Yes, the loathsome is late. This is terrible news because I cut and paste and make it mine before selling it to thousands of my subscribing fans….please hurry!

  • admin

    We didn’t say which Monday.

    Don’t do that.

  • Beast_Fan

    I get the feeling that if we keep asking about the loathsome list “You” might be the number one spot this year : P

  • Tom Brady’s pinache

    They probably haven’t even started it yet. With all due respect, last year’s looked rushed as well. Yeh, I said it!

  • poopsquire

    how about just naming a date and sticking to it? my guess is that they get more clicks from people checking back to see if it is up… once they put it up and you read it, you might not come back to next year.

  • poopsquire


    or maybe… it’s just not done.

  • RevJones

    I find that I can’t bitch about something not being done when I’m not paying to access it.

    • http://nanobotswillenslaveusall.wordpress.com/ Josh Bunting

      Good point, Reverend! But remember that nothing is stopping anyone from paying
      to access our stuff.

  • poopsquire

    you are paying with your time. this website is ad supported, so you are technically a consumer… but, i hear ya… the situation is sligtly mitigated by the fact that it doesn’t cost actual money. i still wants me loathsome list though!

  • Beast_Fan


    I think everyone here wants the Loathsome List. I’m curious to see who the dumbest dumbfuck of the year was, considering it was the year of Qur’an burning, “Ground Zero Mosque” hysteria, election wins for Teabaggers, Sharia law bans, racial profiling laws, bans on lesbians at a Mississippi prom, outrage over the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the overruling of Prop 8, Glenn Beck’s “Restor Honor” Rally, an Assistant Attorney General stalking a gay college student and Obama’s targeted assassination program.

  • Beast_Fan

    Oh, and I’m hoping Carl “Horsefucker” Paladino makes it, considering he’s from my good old state of NY.

  • Tom Brady’s Pinache

    RevJones Says:

    I find that I can’t bitch about something not being done when I’m not paying to access it.


    Grow up.

  • poopsquire

    well here are my top ten most loathsome just for fun, please share yours:

    10. the quran burning guy
    9. lebron james (though i like him, he deserves to be on here for that espn show… though the beast guys probably dont follow sports)
    8. sharon angle
    7. boehner
    6. the cast of jersey shore
    5. sean hannity
    4. rick scott
    3. the beast staff
    2. sarah palin
    1. glenn beck

  • Brack

    Good list P-Squire. Here’s mine.

    10: Hannity (perennial douchebag, should always reside in the top ten)

    9: Every reality show’s cast (Jersey Shore, the ‘Real’ Housewives, fucking all of them. Celebrating rich, spoiled, and stupid has gotten really old).

    8: Rand Paul (at least his dad genuinely believes the Randian (pun intended) bullshit. This guy just did whatever it took to get elected).

    7: Obama (the weak-ass pussy look is so unbecoming)

    6: Christine O’ Donnell (may not be a witch, but is most certainly something that rhymes with it. She’s not a ‘bunt’ either, but…)

    5: Boehner (Ultimate Beltway insider pretending to be a representative of the common man. The crying shtick is fucking repulsive too).

    4: Glenn Beck (Down year for him, he wouldn’t have been on here at all if not for the embarrassing ‘restoring honor’ shit. Fuck him, fuck everyone that looks like him, fuck everyone that believes the shit this asshole spouts, and fuck Fox News for giving him a platform.)

    3: Bill O’ Reilly (Another year, another make-believe “War on Christmas”.)

    2: Teabaggers (These people are un-fucking-believable. Almost all of the one’s I’ve talked to are elderly and on some sort of government assistance. But, apparently, that’s the ‘acceptable’ sort of government spending. Sad state of affairs when these stupid fucks have such power over the electorate)

    1: Palin (just fucking go away already)

  • poopsquire

    how could i forget christine odonnell? but, then again, your number 1 and number 6 are technically covered by number 2…

  • admin

    Dear impatient bastards,
    We appreciate your enthusiasm. All the people you listed have been accounted for. The list will be out Monday. For realz this time. We’re truly sorry for the delay.

  • Jimmy

    “and fuck Fox News for giving him a platform.”
    I’m not surprised. They ARE Fox News.

  • Jimmy

    #1: Should NOT I beleive be someone we did before. So not Palin, not Beck, and not Bush. I mean, we only made Bush #1 while he was in office. I beleive it’s jumping the shark. So…who can be #1?…Roger Ailes.

  • Jimmy

    Oh, yeah. Remember to put Dr. Laura on it.

  • Jimmy

    Here’s my two cents:
    #1: Boehner.
    #2: Gingrich
    #3: Palin
    #4: Beck
    #5: Brewer
    #6: O’Donnell
    #7: Breitbart
    #8: Rand Paul
    #9: Angle
    #10: Hannity (Deserves to be high)

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