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When Birchers Attack!




What took them so long?

I really should be working on our annual 50 Most Loathsome Americans list (it’s pretty late, I’m aware), or preparing for court later (I was arrested for filming a cop) or at least shaving…or ironing my sport coat…or showering, but the National Review posted a hit piece on me yesterday, so I’m going take a few minutes this morning to respond. These are minutes I could use appreciating the fleeting natural wonder that is life. Instead, I’m going to waste them entirely, rooting through the shit-end of Wisconsin politics.

The author of “Meet Ian Murphy,” Christian Schneider, is a senior fellow at the “free market think-tank” Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. WPRI is based out of Milwaukee, and funded mainly by the Lynne and Harry Bradley Foundation. The Bradley foundation funds every fake grass roots, faux-freedom lovin’ front group around — including the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity. Harry Bradley, a dead old guy, cofounded the John Birch Society with Fred Koch.  The Bircher HQ is in Appleton, Wisconsin:

Appleton, Wisconsin: Something in the water?

I hardly feel “met”. His readers only know one thing about me; I once wrote something called “Fuck the Troops”. Of course, the real intention of this article wasn’t to profile this author. It was part of a coordinated smear. Schneider is amplifying the attack of former WSJ hack and current Milwaukee right-wing radio goon Charlie Sykes — who also has a side job with the Bradley Foundation. Even Sykes third wife, Janet Riordan, works for Bradley as Director of Community Programs (which sounds suspiciously like a –gasp!– Community Organizer!).

My recent trip to Wisconsin gave these creeps a chance to pounce — try to connect Walker’s Democratic opposition to someone who dared to say that killing people is wrong. Someone who dared use the word “fuck.” The Walker/”Koch” call will be brought up by Democrats during the coming recall election. This is WPRI/Bradley’s attempt to discredit all who do. And it might even work!

Anyway, WPRI/Bradley coordination with the Walker agenda runs deep, and you can read more about it here. I’m already pretty late. I have to go to court. Later.

UPDATE: Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site has picked up the “story.” Awesome. Read the anatomy of a Koch-funded smear.




  • Anonymous

    The National Review guy is right, nobody represents Wisconsin morality and family values better than some dumb skank provocatively running around in heels and a swimsuit on TV for a pageant. Thats way more morally upstanding than fighting for worker’s rights.

  • rastacyborg

    Ian Murphy works for The Daily Beast?

  • Anteprepro

    How dare you say that we shouldn’t be required to bow down before military members and worship them, no matter how sick and twisted the military campaigns they were a part of!? Ian Murphy, you are worse than Hitler. If they don’t put you in prison for your prank calls or your filming a religious service that just happened to also be an anti-gay rally, then they should put you in prison for being anti-American. Because True Americans believe in unquestioning support to even our most morally bankrupt military ventures. You are the reason we even have prisons, Ian Murphy. You’re just lucky Joe McCarthy was killed by Soviet spies, because otherwise he would be curbstomping you in the name of Republican Jesus and American Justice right now.

    • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

      Little known fact: “Soviet Spies” was Joe McCarthy’s favorite brand of moonshine.

  • Anteprepro

    I thought it was his favorite sex position. I admit I am no history buff.

  • Mike C.

    Neocon think tank echo chamber in full effect.

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  • http://vectorpress.blogspot.com Trevor

    So there is going to be a Loathsome List? I was worried you guys had stopped doing that. It’s always one of the few highlights of the year.

    I wish I was important enough to get fascist twerps sniping at me online…

  • Joe

    Well if you didn’t troll by writing a piece that was only intended to bring publicity to your dying magazine, then maybe wingnuts wouldn’t be using that against you.

    Next time have some fucking brains and think before you say something stupid.

  • Anteprepro

    Joe the Plumber: “Well if you didn’t troll by writing a piece that was only intended to bring publicity to your dying magazine, then maybe wingnuts wouldn’t be using that against you.”

    One: The article wasn’t trolling. It had a good point if you read past the fucking title. Something that can’t be expected of conservatives or yourself, I know.
    Two: The article was written 3 and a half years ago and no-one even gave a fuck about it until the Walker prank.

    Using your logic, Ian should have made sure to have never written anything that would be considered offensive, ever, just in case an unrelated thing would ever make him more of a public figure and someone decides to hunt through everything he’s written to be outraged about.

    Perhaps Ian should just stop writing anything, just in case conservatives might take offense. But, of course, it’s not just that conservatives are pea-brained, knee-jerk reactionaries who will find something to work themselves into a froth over, no matter what and are fucking notorious for doing so. It’s that Ian Murphy said something stupid (in an article title and then explained himself in the actual article). So he clearly deserves whatever pea-brained, knee-jerk, spittle-flecked diatribes that are sent his way over the name of an article and a thesis that troops don’t automatically deserve approval/support when they are involved in a conflict of questionable morality. Murphy should have known the word “fuck” and the idea that the guys from Abu Ghraib don’t deserve a high-five is just so fucking offensive to Real American sensibilities. What was he thinking? It’s almost as if mindless conservatives drooling on their keyboards and bursting blood vessels whenever something runs slightly contrary to their cemented sentence-long positions on every subject in existence weren’t even Murphy’s intended audience! Truly, Murphy made an incredible mistake. He should apologize to the Republican party and all (other) branches of the U.S. military post-haste for daring to suggest that our wars are less than perfectly justified and that our troops don’t deserve to be worshiped for their involvement in them. It’s the Right thing to do.

  • Joseph Sciortino

    Where the fuck is 2011′s loathsome list?

  • Joe

    Actually I’m a liberal, a veteran, and I read the entire article. I cancelled my subscription after reading it.

    And Ian was trolling. He was looking to get attention for his (then paper) magazine so it could get some publicity and with it so he could sell subscriptions. He was using the Ann Coulter method of sales.

    So if Ian wants to whine that people are using it against him now, too bad. He took the risk when he wrote the thing. Next time he wants to go the Ann Coulter route and say something provocative simply for the attention, he should (once again) think before saying something stupid.

    • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

      So Joe, are you saying we should respect troops when they commit war crimes? Or do you agree with Murphy and think we shouldn’t respect troops who commit war crimes?

  • Beast_Fan

    Whatevs, Joe. Haters gonna hate.

  • RobThomas

    Joe, Ann Coulter never in her fraily pasty ghost fucking life made a point as good as Ian made in “Fuck The Troops”. Even if he was writing it for pub, it still had an important message that was absolutely right. The drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket should crawl through your window at night, gouge out your eyeballs, and skull fuck you for comparing Ian’s writing to Ann Coulter’s!!!

  • RobThomas

    Chris, online anonymity aside, the only people I’ve see in real life who allowed Ian’s satire to distract them from the overall message in Fuck The Troops are right wing dickheads. Every remotely independent or left of center person I know of got it. So fuck you.

    • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

      @Rob I only got to the part in the first few words where he basically said he couldn’t understand the difference between an argument and a question before losing interest. We have like 20 banned IP addresses just from this one obsessed, retarded stalker.

      At least “Dave Mabus” was kind of creative and interesting once you got past the death threats. Anyone know what happened to him?

  • Beast_Fan


    All I know is that Montreal police released him and as recently as December he began posting his same old shit again.

    • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

      I’d heard there were some, but not so death threat-y. I used to get some angry comments from him on my own blog, but only on major Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.

      Murphy has been back from WI. I don’t know when/if the most loathsome list will be out.

  • Beast_Fan

    Also, cannot wait for the Latest Loathsome List evar :)

    But I assume Murphy’s still on the anti-Walker/Koch Bros. tour? I have completely lost track of what’s going on.

  • Anteprepro

    G.I. Joe, a Real American hero: “Actually I’m a liberal, a veteran, and I read the entire article. I cancelled my subscription after reading it.”

    Ah, so you are liberal, but you are also a troop, so your feelings were hurt enough that you just couldn’t quite grasp that the article actually had a good point, as you were too busy crying into your Cheerios whilst on your fainting couch to read for comprehension. Either that or you are a liberal who thinks Iraq was a legitimate war, excessive civilian casualties are A-okay, and Abu Ghraib wasn’t really a big deal. Or you’re pretending to be liberal in order to gain credibility. Kind of pathetic no matter how you slice it, though.

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