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World Net Daily: believes in dragons, claims I’m in “denial of Obama’s patently evident Neo-Marxist socio-political worldview”




I’ve finally made it. The fundie lunatics at World Net Daily have at long last acknowledged my existence and important contribution to society. And it’s pretty goddamn funny.


Barber wants to “unite” with Murphy (probably gay code)

Written by WND contributor—Washington Times, Town Hall hatemonger, and self-loathing homosexual—Matt Barber, the article “Liberals and conservatives, unite!” has a strong title which is soon undermined by the conservative delusion under which Barber thinks we should all suffer:

In the wake of CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s earthshaking revelation that the Obama NSA has been spying on tens of millions of Americans – conservatives, liberals and moderates alike – by illegally searching and seizing telephone calls and other private data, I tweeted the following: “So can liberals and conservatives all come together now and agree that Obama is a Marxist tyrant?”

Ian Murphy, a liberal freelance writer with Salon.com, AlterNet.org and similar such “progressive” publications, tweeted back: “He’s not a Marxist.”

“We’ll split the difference,” I replied.

The implication behind Murphy’s brief comment is both clear and profound. While he, a proud leftist, inexplicably remains in denial of Obama’s patently evident Neo-Marxist socio-political worldview, he has, nonetheless – and along with a fast-growing number of his “progressive” counterparts – finally come to acknowledge that Barack Hussein Obama, 44th president of these Divided States of America, is, indeed, a grade-A tyrant.

I shouldn’t have to explain anything here. This guy’s out of his fucking mind. Why did I talk to him on Twitter? I forgot how insane he was. I started following him when he cheered-on the monster behind Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. He uses hashtags like #homofacism. Yeah. OK.

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  • matt

    a momentary lapse of reason?

  • Manhattan

    Has he ever read any books on Marxism or does he gets his information from Liberty University? With the first part, my guess is No.

    Conservatives and code-words go together like peanut butter and jelly. I managed to figure out over the years what they mean.

    RINO means Republicans seen talking to anyone who isn’t a heterosexual Southern white

    True Conservative means white people only.

  • Gamma

    He doesn’t need to actually read leftist material because he knows its all bullshit intuitively (he’s just that smart). He only needs to know just enough about it to make grand claims as to its inadequacy or hypocrisy.

    Like when people who feel a need to go after Christianity (rather than just defending a secular, tolerant culture) and have never read the bible pull out a single passage to demonstrate once and for all how ridiculous this whole Christianity thing is.

    Just preaching to the choir.

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